Meet our d.HOLIDAY Coordinator, Rosaria Oddo, Diaverum Italy


25 January 2024


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My name is Rosaria. I was born and raised in Germany, where I lived until the age of 15.

I have a degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Venice and speak German, English, French and Spanish.

I have always had a great passion for communication and travel.

In 2013, I moved to Sicily. Among the various professional experiences I’ve had, I previously worked for the Mucaria Dialysis Center, where I organised trips and holidays for dialysis patients and their families. I was responsible for the booking process from start to finish. I also managed the centres’ promotion, both in Italy and throughout Europe.

In June 2023, I joined Diaverum working as a d.HOLIDAY Coordinator.

My goal is for d.HOLIDAY to become a point of reference for Italian and foreign patients, patient associations - in short for everything related to holiday dialysis.

First, my commitment will be to ensure patients who want to travel to Italy receive every possible assistance - from suggesting travel and accommodation solutions, to advising them on places to visit. Most importantly, I will be facilitating their booking dialysis shifts, helping them to balance their treatment needs with their travel dreams, as well as giving advice and reassurance as needed.

In short, I will try to apply the values of "True care" to patients who wish to travel.

Diaverum’s clinics focus on patient care. If a patient knows they are starting their holiday in a centre of excellence for dialysis care, they are able to travel with confidence and peace of mind.

My conviction, which I try to convey to patients, is that dialysis is a replacement treatment for those suffering from renal insufficiency, which they need to be able to live a normal life. Holidays and travel are an important part of that. This is my job, to make a dream come true for dialysis patients and their loved ones, and in a small way, help them sustain their motivation to living life as they did before being diagnosed with CKD.

Preparing holiday dialysis patients for travel

Patients can travel, both within their own country and abroad. First of all, the most important fears must be overcome:

  • Can I trust a dialysis centre other than my own?

  • When I arrive at my chosen location, how will I get to the centre?

  • Will I have to pay or will I get a refund?

  • Will I have time to enjoy my holiday? How can I best manage timings between my treatments?

Here I will try to give them these answers regarding the Diaverum centres.

The patient / tourist will find in my role a dedicated figure who speaks various languages, and can contact who they need to, whether by mail or by telephone.

My role is to be a go-between Diaverum clinics and the holiday dialysis patients, ensuring that all necessary preparations are made for treatments to be booked.

In conclusion, I hope to interpret the new role of d.HOLIDAY coordinator in the best possible way, to provide a useful service for patients who wish to travel and create value for Diaverum Italy.

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